Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stand by me - The Body

In 1986 the movie version of Stephen King's novel "The Body" was released. Stand by Me is a story about friendship, fear and discovery. Read a viewer's comment about it :

"Growing up isn't easy for anyone. There are times when you feel no one understands you at all. Although growing up is tough, the friends you have at a young age are the friends you'll remember for the rest of your life. Stand By Me is a very wonderful film, a masterpiece on a small scale. The film is full of great insights into the minds of a group of four boys who decide they want to see what a dead body looks like, and it sparks their interest even more that they actually knew this dead person. A young boy's mind is full of many things, they feel lost sometimes, strong at others, but mostly they feel invincible. Rob Reiner has directed a film about four young boys who discover life is quick, sometimes merciless, and magical. I've seen this film numerous times and it always seems better than the time before. This is a perfect little film. "

Watch this short video as you listen to the soundtrack: Can you identify the main characters? How do the lyrics relate to the main theme of the story?


Movie Trailer