Thursday, June 7, 2007


“Bullying is not about anger . It is not a conflict
to be resolved, it’s about contempt –a powerful
feeling of dislike toward someone considered to
be worthless, inferior or undeserving of respect.
Contempt comes with three apparent psychological
advantages that allow kids to harm others
without feeling empathy, compassion or
shame. These are: a sense of entitlement, that
they have the right to hurt or control others, an
intolerance towards difference, and a freedom to
exclude, bar, isolate and segregate others”
(Barbara Coloroso “The Bully, the Bullied and
the Bystander”)

Dear all,
I've added this quote since I think it accurately describes the underlying assumptions and misconceptions bullies have. As we mentioned today in class, many of these misconceptions are deeply rooted in our society. Even simple attitudes we take for granted can lead to such harmful behavior. What can be done about it? I strongly believe the only way to change (at least a little) the things we don't like about this world is to change ourselves first.

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I look forward to reading your opinions about it.