Thursday, June 7, 2007


“Bullying is not about anger . It is not a conflict
to be resolved, it’s about contempt –a powerful
feeling of dislike toward someone considered to
be worthless, inferior or undeserving of respect.
Contempt comes with three apparent psychological
advantages that allow kids to harm others
without feeling empathy, compassion or
shame. These are: a sense of entitlement, that
they have the right to hurt or control others, an
intolerance towards difference, and a freedom to
exclude, bar, isolate and segregate others”
(Barbara Coloroso “The Bully, the Bullied and
the Bystander”)

Dear all,
I've added this quote since I think it accurately describes the underlying assumptions and misconceptions bullies have. As we mentioned today in class, many of these misconceptions are deeply rooted in our society. Even simple attitudes we take for granted can lead to such harmful behavior. What can be done about it? I strongly believe the only way to change (at least a little) the things we don't like about this world is to change ourselves first.

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I look forward to reading your opinions about it.




mai said...

Bullying is a serious problem that everybody can experience at least once. That's why we should try to do something about it, instead of ignoring this behaviour.
Usually, parents think that this is a school issue, so teachers should resolve it. But this attitude is mostly acquired at home and families have to become aware of their responsability. Recent studies show that children that grow up in violent enviroments are more likely to be agressive.
Besides, teachers sometimes don´t notice this problem, so if parents tell them, they can do something about it.
In conclusion, bullying is a serious problem, but it has a solution, all we have to do is to do something about it and to get involve.

Nati said...

I agree with Mai. I think good behaviour must start in our home, in every family.
Sometimes parents don't pay attention to their children, usually is related to their jobs, so they start doing things to keep their parents atention: they start bullying, or even worst, start taking drugs.
On the other side, i thiunk that this children are insecure people, so they bully to convince themselfs they are not like this. They mock people who are diferent to them, like nerds, to prove that they are better.
In my opinion, this kind of violence must be eradicated of society. From now on, we are allowed to help resolve this problem.

Luz said...

I agree with both of you.I think that children take this attitude of bullying because may be they have many problems at home, so they choose this way to express their feelings and impotence with people who feel inferior in order to feel superior. So, that's why parents must keep on an eye to their childrens and the attitude they have with them.

mariel said...

Bullies are everywhere you go. Nowadays, bullying is another kind of violence. In my opinion this is because of the society; a society that doesn’t care about this serious problem and that doesn’t do anything about it. I agree with Maite and the girls when they say that this kind of attitude is acquired at home. That is why parents should do something about their children’s behaviour. In many homes parents don’t give a good example to their children: they argue most of the time and use violence, so kids are always surrounded by aggression. And then they act the same way at school for example. But it’s not only at school, but it also happens at work, on the streets or in soccer stadiums. We need to become aware of this. Bullying should be stopped.

marián. said...

Can we see this problem only at school? Of course not.
This situation revaals what our society is like, how we are, you and me, selfish, egocentric, and aggressive.
I wonder where this behaviour starts and why, and I agree with Luz, at home, since the moment we come into the world.
As we know, families form the first level of societies, and what is happening with them?
It seems values and principles have disappeared. What is wrong and what is right? It seems we don't the answer.
Bulliying shows there is a bigger and more serious problem we have to resolve first.