Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Big Screen, Small Screen

Are you a movie fan? Have you seen any of the movies below?
What kind of movies are they?

Leonardo Di Caprio is a Hollywood movie star. What kind of movies does he make? Who are some of the directors he has worked with? Listen to an interview with Leonardo Di Caprio

Read Leonardo's mini-biography. (You can look up any unknown words in the dictionary.) Prepare three interview questions about his personal and professional life. Role play the conversation with your partner.

Movie Vocabulary

Vocabulary in Conversation

Vocabulary Follow-up

Your turn! What kinds of movies do you enjoy? Why? What's your favorite movie of all times? Why do you like it so much?


Anonymous said...

well, the movies that I enjoy are the accion movies, or comedy movies like Irene, me, end myself or matrix. I like them because of the accion and because they make me laugh.
The best movie of all the times ir Matrix because that movie invented a new way of accion movies...

Carla Raguseo said...

Hi, there!

Thanks for your comment!
I also like comedies a lot and I think most Jim Carrey movies are hilarious. My favorite one is Liar, Liar. However, I have found that he's also great at drama. He did a great job in movies like The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Have you seen them?

As regards action movies, I agree the The Matrix is a unique movie, not only in terms of the fascinating special effects that were used for the first time, but also because it has a complex and interesting plot based on old philosophical questions like the distinction between the real world and the virtual world.

Thanks again for sharing your opinion with us. I am going to add both movies to our slide show.

Hope to read more comments soon. Just remember to add your names so that we know who's writing. :)

Anonymous said...

the movies that i enjoy are the science ficcion movies and comedy movies like "clic" and "star wars".

For me the best movie ever is "star wars" because i like special effects and the history.
and i also like that george lucas (the director) made a big history in six movies.

nicolas sauro

Anonymous said...

I like drama and suspense movies beacause mostly of them are very interesting and original.
In my opinion de best movie was Minority Report,the 23,and all that kind of movies

Luz Santiso.

Anonymous said...

I really love historical or epic movies, because you can learn while you watch them. For example, Alexander, Casanova, etc.
I think that the besst movie of all times is Troy, because it is about a time in the story that is not teach in schools but not for that less important.

Maite Ruggieri

Anonymous said...

to be honest I like all kind of movies. Going to the movie theater is something I really enjoy, no matter the genre of the movie or if it has bad or good critics.
Of course that I prefer ones, like dramas or romantic movies. I can say that at last place are comedies and horror movies, they make me feel so tense that I usually don`y choose them.
Thinking about the movie I like most, I couldn`t find an answer. There are so many movies that I love that is very difficult for me to pick only one, anyway I will say that my favorite movie is Meet Joy Black, and if you ask me why, the answer is very simple: in that movie the main characters are both of my favorite actors, Anthony Hopsking, and Brad Pitt, well you know, I`m a woman.
Marián Barrera.

Anonymous said...

The movies that i really enjoy are accion movies. They are so exciting that you can't take off the eyes from the screen... The last movie i saw was Ghost Raider, and it was awesome! It has drama and comedy too. And i can assure you that it's not a predicatble movie. You should see it.

Aronson Natacha D.

Melisa and Florencia said...

Florencia doesn't like movies. I like entertainig movies .. like meet the parents . I also like movies like star wars , harry potter , 10000 ac .. all kinds of movies :P Melisa is writing now :D

Josefina and Valeria said...

The movies that I like are comedy movies, because they make me laugh and they are entretaining. My favourite movie is Zoolander, with Ben Stiller :)


Lichi said...

I love Adam Sandler movies he's a really funny guy.
the way he makes a fool of himself is hilarious.
-Movies:Happy Gilmore
-Billie Madison
-50 first dates
cya ^^