Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ordinary people, extraordinary lives

What would have happened if ....

he hadn't dropped out college?

he hadn't taken the calligraphy class?

How many companies has he founded?

What happened to him when he was 30?

Did you like the speech? What message did you get from it?

Check out the script at :


mariel and tania said...

We think that the speech made us look on the bright side of things, that even in bad times, things can be for the better, and that we shouldn`t lose hope and give up. We admire his attitude of sticking to the things he loves.

bruno and nicolas (rimoldi) said...

the message that the speech gives us is that you have to stick to the things you love in life, and don't give up your dreams. Yes we liked the video , we think that it is really intresting and educative.

nico y luz said...

We liked the speech because it was very interesting.The message that we get is that you never have to give up your dreams and find what you love.

Nata said...

"You should look at the bright side of the things".

I think the message that the speech gives, is that you should never give up, and when you fall, you have to find the way that helps you get up again.

Marian y Maite said...

We think that it was a great speech with a lot of "life lessons". For example, he said you have to find what you love in life, like a career or a person, and never settle down. He also said when something bad happens to you, you shouldn't give up, you should see it like an oportunity to start over.