Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hello! My name is Bruno and I'm 17 years old, I go to a school called
Politécnico. It is a very difficult school, because the most important
subjects there are Math, Chemistry, Physics and Technical drawing, and I'm terrible at those subjects. Te worst is technical drawing, I'm horrible!!!! I can't draw anything; I'm always having the lower grades of my course.
I also play the guitar. I'm creating a band with some friends of school, although we're starting, we think that we can make good music if we have practice hard, we like bands like AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Intoxicados a Wonderful band from Argentina.
Another of my favorite activities is playing soccer, of course. I play in a team called "El Celtic". We are having a mediocre season, we're 7 out of 11 teams, so...In this team I play as a defender and, telling the truth, I’m not very good, but I practice hard for having better performances on the different matches.
Well, I've talked to you about my life, and I hope I can know about you.

Best wishes


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Bruno, it's very nice to meet you! Is this school (Politécnico) like high school or is it after hogh school? You know what, I'm a musician too, I play the guitar and the saxophone. And I also like soccer, but I think I watch it better than I play it =)
I root for a team called Palmeiras and we're doing very well in our national championship this year.

Best wishes for you too!

Giovani said...

Hi Bruno,
I have a son called Bruno as weel and he is 16 years old. Good.
I Think I 've already heard this argentinian band when I 've been there this year.
I think you can be better in your school and first we have to like we are studying, otherwise we will not have good grades and so on.
We keep in touch,

pdform said...
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luciano said...

Nice to meet you, Bruno!

You at least must like math, physics and chemistry, don't you? Otherwise you wouldn't be at politécnico ;)

Since I also study a exact sciences course I could give a piece of advice: make a plenty of exercises! For me, that helps a lot.

I like watching soccer, but i simply wasn't born to play it... And I'd like to hear your band if you guys like Red Hot. Why don't you post us a song?