Sunday, November 4, 2007


My name is Natacha. I'm 17 years old and this year I finish high school. I decided to study Medicine. I've been studying English since I was 10. As regards my personality, I'm an outgoing person. On the other side, I’m pretty perfectionist, too. I'm also a very active person. Therefore, I play tennis, I go to the gym so I keep in shape. Since I live near the river, I usually go jogging on Saturdays, too.I'd like to tell you about my school trip. I went to Bariloche in August with all my friends. It snowed since the first day we got there. We skied and took a lot of tours like: canopy, where you can slide through a rope and see the woods. It’s really awesome: It feels great! In Bariloche we met a lot of Brazilians, and they were very nice to us. In conclusion, it was one of the best trips of all my life!!
Bye, Nati


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Nati, it's great to meet you! I have a friend called Natália and I call her Nati too. It's great that you've chosen to study medicine, this is such a beautiful profession. In Brazil it's extremely hard to pass the entrance exam for medicine in public universities (only top students can do it) and it is extremely expensive to study medicine at a private university. Is that any similar to Argentina?
It's true that many Brazilians have been traveling to Bariloche currently, it seems to be a very beautiful place! Two teachers I know have just come back from Bariloche and the pictures are so nice that I feel like going there with my wife next winter...
Have you ever visited Brazil, would you like to?
Bye, Ronaldo

Giovani said...

Hi Natacha,
it's nice to be in touch with you.
I've been in Valle Nevado, in october and I got the last day in the season and I was able to sky as well. It was my first time and you can imagine how many time I felt but I didn't care and in the end of the day I tried a difficult track and it was very funny because I felt a lot of times.
My time is over now.
I hope you can speak each other later.