Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hi Everybody!
I'm Luz and I'm 16 years-old. I've been studying English for 8 years and this is the last year. I live in Rosario with my mom and my older brother. I study in a technical high-school, of course, I try to study very hard to be a good student.In my free time I like going out with friends, listening to music and doing things outside. I'm a sociable person and I'm extroverted. I like meeting new people and making friends. Also, I spend a lot of time playing with the computer and chatting. Well, that's a big part of me! I hope to know all of you and have a good relationship!


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Luz, it's very nice to meet you! I like computer games too, my favorites are Counter Strike, Winning 11 and Worms. Do you know any of these? What are you favorite games?
See ya!

Luz said...

Hi Ronaldo,I've read your answer and I know those games!I've been playing Counter Strike for 3 years.I know that's a little strange that a girl play that kind of game,but I really liked it.Also I spend a lot of time playing Worms Party with my friend.It's great!But now I'm studying a lot for my final exams,so I only play on my free times on weekends!(that isn't a lot).
Well,it was great knowing a bit more about yourself! See you next time!