Sunday, November 4, 2007

Meet 6th Teen

First photo (from left to right):
Girls: Luz, Natatcha, Marián, Mariel, Maite and Tania
Boys: Tomás, Bruno and Nicolás (the other Nico is in the second photo)


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Beautiful pics, guys! I just wish I could see your names above your heads... or maybe individual pictures, to match the names and intros I've read to a face.
I promise I'll soon post pictures of me and my students in our blog, ok?

It's been great to contemplate this interaction!

Carla Raguseo said...

Dear Ronaldo,

Thanks a lot for your wonderful messages and for sharing your Brazilian energy with us!
I've added the names of my students below the album. We'll add our voice comments soon.

I look forward to meeting your students as well.

Big hugs from Argentina,


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

That's great! Hey guys, you're really lucky to have Carla as your teacher, her description of you is beautiful!

Elena Nikolaenko said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to your English teacher Carla Raguseo I am here visiting you and hope my students also will - I shared the link with them.

Nice to see you pics this way!

We would also like you to join our Theater discussions at
where my students posted the Public Opinion Poll questions.

And you know... we are going to celebrate Dec 11 - the International Day of Tango.
You as anyone could tell us many stories about it!
One of my students - Ksenia - dedicated her Blog to Argentina
where you are heartily welcome!