Sunday, November 4, 2007


My name is Tania and I’m 16 years old. I am in 3rd year of high school; I still have 2 more years of school. I don’t now for sure what I want to study but I think I will study law or International Relations. I used to practice volleyball, but I hurt my ankle and I couldn’t practice any more. Now I am going swimming twice a week, I also like going to the gym.
In my free time I like to meet with my friends, and my boyfriend. At night I like to go out to clubs or to see a band.
When my teacher told me about this exchange, I thought it was going to be interesting.
I like to meet new people.
I look forward to meeting you all.
Good luck!


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Tania!
You're in 3rd year of high school and you still have two more years?! So you guys study 5 years in high school? Here in Brazil there are only 3 years in high school (and 9 in elementary school).
I love volleyball, too! When I was in high school I used to play for my school's team (military school).
It's nice to meet you, and tell me, what kind of band do you like to see when you go out to clubs?

Giovani said...

Hi Tania, it's nice to meet you.
have you read my introduction? So, I was thinking if I will or not make an International relations course as well. I think is very hard in the begginig beacause I'm working during the day and I don't have enough time to be concentraded in this Doctorade. I'm really thinking and I don't have much time to decide.
best regards

pdform said...
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luciano said...

Hey, Tania!

Just like Ronaldo, I thought interesting the fact you have 5 years in high school at Argentina. And i believe we should have the same system in Brazil. Here, in spite of improving the basic education (elementary and high school) the government is trying to destroy University with a new program...

Anyway, good luck on chosing your career!