Sunday, November 4, 2007


It is the first time I write to someone who lives outside my country. However, when my English teacher told me about the idea, I really liked it.I am from Argentina, where we have the best soccer players, (a little joke to break the ice.) ;)I am seventeen years old and I am finishing school; next year I will go to the College. I have decided to study Medicine, I hope to become a doctor one day. I think I am not going to work, you know, the first year is very complicated, I need to get used to itTalking about sports, I go swimming three times per week and I go to the gym, too. Sometimes I go running or jogging; it is something I like very much. I live near the river, so walking on the beach makes me feel delighted, overjoyed; I can’t explain this sensation, you should feel it to know how it feels.In my free time, I love reading, especially fiction books. Some of my favorite ones are: the Iliad by Homer, and Hopscotch written by Cortazar. These books are different between each other, because I don’t have a favorite style, I mean; I like to read various writers.Even though I don’t know much about music or playing an instrument, I actually enjoy listening to it. My favorite band is Pink Floyd, I discovered it last year and since that moment I think it is one of the greatest band of the World.The last thing I want to say is I believe in Jesus Christ, and that He is the most important and worthwhile thing in my life.Well, that is all. I would like to read more about you.
Write soon,


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hi Marián, it's great to meet you! You know, you didn't need to say that the "best soccer players" was a joke - of course it's a joke! (just trying to break the ice even more =))
I'm glad you decided to be a doctor, just like I said to Nati, it's a beautiful profession.
But I'm even happier about what you said about Jesus, for He is the most important thing in my life too! What has He done to you for you this way?
Hope to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

I think both of us is saying the truth about the “best soccer players”, anyway, we will know it in the next Soccer World Cup.
I am glad to find someone to share what I believe.
Abuot your question, well, you know, He has saved my life, and every day He shows me his great love. I hava an intimate relationship with him, it is not a religion.
Also, I decided to study medicine because I like biology, but the most important is I’d like to help people by telling them abuot Jesus.
Well it is enough for now,
Hope to hear from you soon,

Giovani said...

Hi, you are so mature for your age, interesting.
Go ahead about your studies and you will be a doctor one day. No doubts. Concerning soccer, I think you have been funny.....
Marián', I like so much in going to the beach, take a tan, drink a cold beer, run in the morning, it's amazing!
Where you go to the beach in Argentina? Bahia Blanca? Come to our beaches if you didn't yet, you will love. Come to Florianopolis or down south, it's an interesting pity.
Keep in touch if you need to know something about Brazil or me.
See you

Laura Castro said...

Hi Marián! How intersting introdution! Do really like Iliad by Homer? It's fantastic! I read two times, and I think that it's a book that you can read many times that each time you'll find out something new! And about Borges? Do you like him? Do you already read some brazilian author?
Let's exchange!

luciano said...

Hello, Marián!

I don't really have to maky any comment about the soccer players, do I? :)

It's always good to hear someone wants to become a doctor. Helping people is a really good choice for life.

I've just read your comment about my introduction. Well, certainly I'm very busy but I'm not studying five languages at the moment, just Japanese and English.

Hope you become a great doctor!

See you!